Dear Mrs. Green

Easy Autumn maple leaf roses.


A friend shared this craft with me this week and I instantly loved it. Not only does it make use of natural and compostable materials, but it’s also a great way to get your kids (or yourself) outside enjoying the beauty of Autumn while you search for the perfect leaves. These would be so pretty on your Thanksgiving table, or in a wreath on the front door.

fallYou will need:

  • Several leaves for each flower
  • Short Twigs
  • Wire and pliers OR
  • Floral Tape
  • Scissors

Begin with a smaller leaf. Placing the colorful side down, fold the points in. Begin to roll the leaf from one side.

Take a second leaf and fold the center point down. Place the first rolled leaf in the center, fold down the side points on the second leaf and wrap both sides around the first.

Continue to add leaves, rotating the flower as you go to get an even size. Use larger leaves on the outside.

Once you have the desired size, wrap the stems tightly with florist tape or wire.

Place a twig on the bottom and wrap with the florist tape or wire.

Here’s a video tutorial if you need help.


By Sisters Know Best @ and Nicole Duke.


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